tutorial v 3057, teams

The tutorial was remade to be easier to understand. Both the interactive one and the one-screen one.

And there are now teams! You can choose your team at the beginning of the game or let the computer choose. You can't hurt your friends, but if you're both okay with it you can exchange lives to maybe let your team last longer and win.


-  a few more predefined colour palettes to choose from, and tweaked a bit the existing ones and the individual colours so the teammates' white legs would be more readable

- if you come mid-game you're not allowed to play but you can follow the other players to see what they're doing (you won't see the scores at the end though)


colambful_v094-windows64.zip 96 MB
Mar 04, 2018
colambful_v094-mac.zip 97 MB
Mar 04, 2018
colambful_v0.94-linux64.zip 99 MB
Mar 05, 2018

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