Custom keys: change which key, when pressed, does what. Also, the computer remembers your preferences.

Custom colours: you can change between several colour themes, or change each colour individually. (the computer doesn't yet remember your choices).


- pretty score screens, with way more detail than before!

- more levels, including more flat ones, since some people don't like the hilly ones.

- a description of each level so you know what you're gonna play in.

- you can't stay on one single colour for too long, or the ground will make you change colour.

- it costs less when you change your own colour than when it is changed by a player, a mice, or the ground.

- wider attack radius so you touch other sheep more often (I may switch it back in a following version)

And a handful of bug fixes:

- sometimes the scores didn't show: this has probably been fixed.

- sometimes you saw players as "not ready" when they, in fact, were: this has probably been fixed.

- the ultra-long loading time when you started the game is no more.

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Dec 19, 2017

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