prettier colours and two new levels

I found compassion in my heart and changed the colours so your eyes wouldn't melt down your cheeks every time you play (there's gonna be customizable colours at some point in time, but changing the default ones is a first step).

There are also a linux and a mac build (linux and mac users out there, please test it out and tell me if it works).

Oh, almost forgot: there are two brand new levels! Whoohoooo! I'm still not sure what makes for good level design in my game, so feedback is, as always, most welcome.

Also I think LAN doesn't work? I'm sure it did at some point, so that's weird, but anyway the network does work, so it doesn't matter so much.

(also if you want to explore the levels on your own, just put the max number of players to 1 in the options)

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