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I did huge efforts towards user-friendliness. There are now small help buttons explaining what the features do, and both a tutorial level and a one-screen visual explanation of the default keys, as well as connexion detailed steps - all of it in-game and not, like before, in a separate file text. The broadcaster also allows LAN host players to not know their IP address: it finds it out for the guest players (thanks a lot, random guy from the brotaru who told me about it, I'm sorry I didn't get your name or email, your game is really cool).

As a result, the instructions file is now obsolete (I'll keep it up here just in case, but you shouldn't have to use it).

Other minor changes:

- I added a chronometer parameter that ends the game after a set amount of time.

- If you try to come in a game that's already started, you die (instead of crashing the game like before). So, don't.

- some parts of levels 5 and 6 flickered or were not correctly aligned; that's now fixed.


colambful_v0.91_linux.zip 85 MB
Dec 09, 2017
colambful_v0.91_mac.zip 83 MB
Dec 09, 2017
colambful_v0.91_windows.zip 80 MB
Dec 09, 2017

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